Joint Winner - Andy Townsend is from Wapengo on the far south coast of NSW. His art dovetails 2D and 3D modes of expression. Andy said “One seems to inform the other: assemblages of steel and salvaged objects become the subject of ink/collage drawings. Photo montages are the starting point for low relief sculptures.”

Collage is the principle informing his practice….allowing chance to influence a creative pathway in the conception and development of an artwork.

Andy viewed the the scholarship as not only helping cover material costs for works he was undertaking at the time but he said “…more importantly it also came as an acknowledgement, an affirmation at a critical point in my professional career. The demonstrated support was a positive morale boosting encouragement that helped me focus on the tasks at hand as well as the long term.”

Andy said “I feel strongly that creative instincts in individuals will only flourish if given sufficient encouragement: a flickering flame grows from a spark if the appropriate fuel is offered. The Windmill Trust Scholarship is such a fuel.”

Andy is currently making new artworks for private commissions and exhibition with my long time partner and collaborator Suzie Bleach and are establishing a new studio/workshop on the far south coast of NSW. 

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